Our Staff


Thank you for coming to meet our staff. The FUN staff consists of an in-house and a road staff. The in-house staff will work with you to suggest entertainment for your event, answer all your questions, send invoices and coordinate all staff to make sure your function goes as planned. The road staff is who will be working at your event. These are our caricature and airbrush artists, activity coordinators, photographers, performers, entertainers and speakers. We’d like to tell you a little bit about ourselves so when you speak with us on the phone or arrive at your event, there will be a face you can put with a name. We want you to feel like family.

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Our corporate in-house staff consists of an Operations Team and a Marketing/Sales Team


Ken Abrahams – Client Relations and Educational Programming
AC Anders – Corporate Sales and Event Management
Wayde Anders – Financial Operations
Donna Bates – Operations, Scheduling and Human Resources
Nick Bates – Office Staff
Samantha Drake – Program Coordinator
Kim Forster – Office Manager
Mark Gallagher – Graphic Designer
Debi Holland – Office Staff


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Our Road Program Team and FUN Artists consists of those individuals who run our programs all over the United States.


Tiziana Buddle – Programming and Activities
Bill Gage – Caricature Artist | Airbrush Artist
Kiersten Mulcare – Caricature Artist | Airbrush Artist
Benjamin Rittmann – Caricature Artist | Airbrush Artist
Stan Sykes – Caricature Artist | Airbrush Artist
Brad Turgeon – Caricature Artist | Airbrush Artist