In the beginning…

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In the beginning…

FUN Enterprises had always been in the entertainment industry, but in a very unique niche, novelty or interactive entertainment. When meeting people and trying to explain what Fun Enterprises does, there are many explanations of what we do and the programs we provide. But truthfully, just think experience.

When you walk away from a function, what do you normally remember?

The networking?

The food?

The speaker?

The band?

For the most part, the event fades away. Why? The experience. If there is no takeaway or a moment when your guests say, “That was amazing!” “That was FUN!” “That was the best night I ever had!” then your event may have been lacking an experience.

FUN Enterprises provides that experience in a number of different ways. Over the past 20+ years, Ken Abrahams and Wayde Anders have moved their small entertainment business of caricature artists, numerous photo programs and spin art to a more interactive platform. Today, FUN Enterprises offers 25+ airbrush programs, 50+ photo programs, caricature and craft programs, as well as performers and entertainers. We can personalize so many products with your picture, name or corporate logo. We can brand an experience they will never forget.

We have years of expertise on our side, coordinating every detail of your event. We work closely with you; before, during and after every event to ensure its success. Regardless of the size, the staff at FUN Enterprises realizes how special each and every function is. We’re great listeners. We take nothing for granted and are committed to providing you with a first class experience. We are proud to be a part of over 1,000 events every year. Whether looking for an entertainment component to add to an event, or a second set of hands to help design and manage your function, Fun Enterprises works to create the perfect experience for you.

Featured Speakers – Call 781-436-3187 for more information.

Over the past 3 years, FUN Enterprises has created a speaker series for both educational and corporate programs. Presently, we represent two speakers: Michael Miller and Michele McPhee. Michael is one of the nation’s most exciting inspirational leaders who possess a rare blend of knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and the ability to focus and inspire any group, from the CEO to the newest intern. Michele McPhee is a nationally recognized investigative reporter and author. She has written several books on topics from Whitey Bulger and the events of 9/11 to topics as recent as the Boston Marathon bombings. Their work spans across the educational market space as well as corporate and private functions.

Whether you’re planning a small private gathering or a major event for thousands, FUN Enterprises, Inc. would like to work with you. We are a full service events company. We provide unique entertainment programs of the highest quality to corporate, educational and private clients nationwide. We own and operate all of our programs.

Every event is catered to the needs of the client and the guests we will serve because “Our BEST event is YOURS”.

FUN Enterprises, Inc. for Educational and Corporate Event Entertainment