How We Work

FUN Enterprises, corporate functions, college student activities FUN Enterprises, corporate events, interactive entertainment

At FUN Enterprises, our sole focus is providing our clients with an event that has the best service and experience possible. The process in which we bring these events to life is what separates us from the competition. This is how we work:

Do you want full control of the planning of your event? Do you just want the FUN program to show up at the right time and the right place?

YES! We can do that! We have an organized staff who knows the importance of showing up early to an event so that they are ready to go when the event starts.

Do you need help putting your event together? Do you want FUN to guide you through the planning process?

YES! We can do that! We can work with you and remove the stressful management piece from your plate. We can coordinate and assign all those needed for your event so that the only thing you have to do is show up. You can also check out our sister site, FUN Enterprises Events, to learn more about our event management.

Do you have an idea, but you don’t see it on the event list?

YES! We can do that! Tell us about your idea. We will listen, offer suggestions and we can work with you to make your idea come to life.

The event staff at FUN Enterprises is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to matching interactive entertainment with an event. We can give you insight into how the function will run and whether the entertainment is appropriate for your group or organization. We can put a team together to deliver quality entertainment on multiple levels of involvement and content.

If you’re unsure if your event is something that we can handle, let’s talk about it. We want to work with you. Let’s figure it out together.

Call AC Anders and/or Ken Abrahams for more information.