6 Event Tips to Take Away from the Super Bowl

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I love watching the Super Bowl Game. Because I work in the entertainment industry, it gives me the opportunity to look at the Super Bowl from a different perspective. I tend to look at the way they market and execute the event. If we all looked at our events like a Super Bowl game, we could use their event execution as a template for educational, corporate or private events.

6 Event Tips to Take Away from the Super Bowl

Let’s start with how we get to the Super Bowl. For 16 weeks, during the fall and winter, we watch football teams play against each other to win a spot in the championship. So, there is a period of build up or opportunity to market for the big game. This is where we will start with our 6 tips.

  1. Give yourself ample time to plan for the event. Make sure you are talking about your event well enough in advance so that people are excited about what is coming. It gives them the opportunity to put time aside for the big day. Brides and grooms send out “save the date” cards, if you want your guests to take the event seriously, maybe you should send them a notice in advance. We all know that at the end of football season is the Super Bowl, but they have been preparing us for the big day with dates, locations and featured entertainment.
  2. Choose a unique venue. There are so many new places to have events: public libraries, unique gardens, nightclubs, sports facilities, and museums. Consider changing up the venue every time you have an event. Many times, we plan events and go back to the same venue because it’s easy. You know, the food is good and the location is easily accessible. But changing up the venue can guarantee the event will have a different feeling and vibe. They play the Super Bowl in a different location every year.
  3. Have a set number of tickets available. You may not have a set number of spaces available for all events, but if you create a sense of exclusivity around your event, people will want to get their tickets sooner than later. The Super Bowl only has a set number of tickets available. If you can get your hands on a ticket, you are one of a select few or a select 75,000.
  4. Audience participation or take-away. Get your guests involved. Create a portion of the event that allows them to participate in the theme, whether an activity or action. The Super Bowl gives each guest a “goodie” bag with memorable gear as well as props that are associated with the event. During the halftime show it takes all the attendees to create a unique experience.
  5. Mix up the entertainment. The football game is the main reason guests attend, but during halftime they have musical guests and activities that bring the event to a different level. Combine different types of entertainment to keep your guests active and engaged.
  6. Showcase your sponsors. Give your sponsors and those who support the event recognition in various ways. The Super Bowl allows sponsors (that pay big money) to showcase funny and unique advertisements throughout the game. As much as the ads are technically showcased during the game, there are some sneak peaks the week before. This allows for anticipation of what is to come during the game. Think of unique ways to recognize your sponsors so that they see value in their sponsorship.

And lastly, and it’s not necessarily a tip as much as a necessity, make sure you have delicious food and drink to complement the event. Take advantage of creating a tasting experience that will match or complement the sensory experience.

When you have all these tips in place, you will have one AWESOME event or possibly, another Super Bowl.

Tricia White

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