5 FUN Entertainment Ideas for Graduation Parties

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Graduation parties can be so much fun, especially when you have entertainment that’s a little different. Have you thought about a caricature or airbrush artist? What about a tarot card reader or photo booth? Entertainment brings two things to an event: 1. The experience 2. The personalized gift.

Here are some FUN entertainment ideas for this year’s graduation parties – it will leave your guests wanting MORE!

1. Find out what the future holds for your graduate with our Psychic Readers.

2. Put your graduate and their friends on the cover of Time, Newsweek or Forbes Magazine.

3. For a humorous keepsake there is nothing better than an Entertaining Caricatures in minute artist or two.

4. A roving magician can always add a little mystery and intrigue into any event.

5. Fun carnival photo pictures as great reminders of the graduation party.

Roving Entertainer for Graduation Parties with FUN Enterprises FUN Enterprises, graduation parties, carnival photo program

Like these ideas? Your guests will, too. Call Fun Enterprises and let us make our BEST event yours!