3 Tips for a Successful Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day

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Thursday, April 23, 2015 marks the 22nd anniversary of “Take Your Daughter or Son to Work” Day. The theme for 2015 is #Mpower Knowledge + Choice = Strength. It’s about experiencing education and empowering the youth of America. It is a time to teach children about the many opportunities available to them in today’s workplace.

When bringing your child to work, having a plan in place will ensure that they learn something and get a feel for what you experience everyday. This is a time to engage with your child and incorporate them into the process.

Here are three tips that will make the experience worthwhile as well as educational.

1. Ask your child if they are interested in going to work with you?

It’s important to ask and not assume that they want to go with you. This is a great time to talk about what you can accomplish in a day.

A. What do they want to learn or take away from the experience? Are they testing the waters of what you do or do they have a passion to follow in your footsteps? Is there one pressing question they have about what you do or what your company does? You want them to feel like they will learn and accomplish something while they are there.

B. Expectations of what happens in your office. You might want to walk them through a “day in the life” of you. You can tell them about the people they will meet and how your internal team works.

2. Be Organized.

Make sure your company is on board with children coming in on Thursday, April 23rd. This allows everyone to be part of the process. You might want to discuss:

i. How many children will be participating?

ii. Do you want the owner, president or authoritative figure to speak with your child or the children?

iii. Do you want to create a “mock day” where your child or the children make all the decisions?

This gives you an opportunity to brainstorm and think about what will make the greatest positive impact on your child and the children.

3. Create a memorable moment.

A memorable experience can be a moment in time at your office. It could be meeting the president, having breakfast or lunch with the staff or maybe having a picture taken at the office. It’s nice to take a selfie or picture on your smartphone, but they can’t put that in a picture frame, bring it to school, hang it on a wall or place it on their night stand. Photo programs are a nice way to capture their enthusiasm at your office.

As you get ready to plan your day, remember, this is an amazing learning experience for both you and your child. Consider bringing others along or you could swap children as some are looking for a much different experience. If you are a lawyer and your son or daughter wants to work in fashion, placing them with a friend who works in retail merchandizing might make for a better learning experience.

If you want to #Mpower Knowledge + Choice = Strength, begin by talking to your child, creating a plan at your company and capturing a moment in time. This will make “Taking Your Daughter or Son to Work” Day an educational experience to remember!

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