10 Tips for Planning a Stress Free Graduation Party

high school graduates, graduation party ideas

Now that the snow in the Northeast has melted and the calendar is about to flip to April, graduations and the parties that go with them are right around the corner. Here are 10 tips for planning a stress free graduation party that can make the process easy and FUN!

  1. Pick the date early. Whether it is high school or college you don’t want people to have to choose between your event and someone else’s.
  2. Use social media and conventional ways to let people know about the event. Not everyone checks Facebook and Twitter hourly or even daily. A “Save the Date” Postcard or a quick phone call is helpful, too.
  3. Create a budget. Set the money aside so you know exactly what you are comfortable spending. This will help make many of the following decisions easier, things like location and menu will be dictated by your budget.
  4. Include the graduate in the decision making – what and who do they want at the event? Have some discussions to consider: party theme, food, music, location and, of course, entertainment.
  5. Book caterers and entertainment in advance. These are usually the first things that book quickly.
  6. Ask others to help. These events are a great way to get family and friends involved. They can help with the decorating, shopping and the food.
  7. Keep the food simple. People are there to visit with family and friends not to critique your menu choices. Quick and easy food is just as delicious.
  8. Start preparing early. These events always take longer to plan and organize. Get things like paper products, decorations and beverages well in advance of the big event.
  9. Have a set time for the event. Some people have very open-ended invites – Party starts at one but we will probably be going until midnight. It is awkward when guests arrive at 8 to find you cleaning up with no one else there.
  10. Relax and enjoy the day, spend time with your guests it is important to them and you.

Finally, if you need any help during the planning process, reach out to Fun Enterprises. We are hear for all your party and entertainment needs.